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2016 China (Zhuhai) international printing consumables Exhibition

Shenzhen Mo Chu graphic and text Technology Co., Ltd. Time: -15 October 13th Address: Zhuhai International Convention and Exhibition Center Booth number: Pavilion 3, 3300 2018-05-15

Badly! Print-Rite thousand 3D printer has been used by foreigners to create rare materials of high price.

Graphene is known as the 3D printing super material, which can be widely used in mobile devices, aerospace, new energy batteries and many other fields. Although graphene is very desirable, the traditi... 2018-05-15

A brief talk on the color band and the use technique

Knowledge of color ribbons Good color band = good effect = longevity In fact, the most important factor in determining the effect and service life of a needle type printer is the quality of the prin... 2018-05-15

Zhuhai Consumables Industry Association set up "Tian Yin consumables" to become director enterprise.

The meeting of Zhuhai consumables industry association was held in March 31, 2007. Vice secretary of Zhuhai municipal Party committee, mayor Zhong Shijian and vice mayor Zhao Jianguo will be congratul... 2018-05-15

The growth of paint ink business is optimistic

In the face of the oversupply in the solvent industry, the future competition may become more intense, but the coating and lubricating oil business under Yip's banner can improve the potential to ... 2018-05-15

After "silver ten", the market of paint and pigment is rising and falling

With the "silver ten" asymptotic end, the domestic pigment Market in this year "golden season" did not appear expected fire situation, the sustained downturn in real estate, econom... 2018-05-15
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